Monday, December 29, 2014

Surprise Yourself

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What is my calling? This is what someone told me.

Definitely, no one is going to come in your dreams and tell you, "This is what you are made for."

Just sitting and waiting for the calling, it would never happen that way. You got to set out and try newer things that come your way or otherwise.

You got to do things to find out what is your calling.
Every single opportunity that gives a faint feeling of “it might be…”, grab it. Find it out for yourself if it is.

No straight line takes you there? Then go the other way round; reverse gear approach. Put the answer options in the question to find out the correct option, rather than solving the question to find the answer.
You might think that its life, you do not have just a limited number of options. So you got to be patient and do some thinking.

The only headache could be, you might not have a limited number of options. And you might always have this doubt in mind that "Is it my real calling?"

It is then that you got to trust your instinct. And not give up.

How would you know that finally you got it? Will anything magical happen?

Go and do it first. Expect surprises.

If the random hunt does not take you any closer to your calling, at least it would lower the number of choices you have; it would reduce the level of confusion in your head.

Envy the people who have found their life’s passion. Convert the envy to energy.

Why do they know what is it for them, and you don’t?

Enough of self-help reading, enough of soul searching, set out and do something.

Believe in karma. Come out of the cocoon. 

Go, do it. Surprise yourself!

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