Monday, December 29, 2014

Foolish me

I sat under the sky, with a pen and paper,to write a poem.
I stared at the white paper, 
scratching my head, waiting for the words to pop up from its inside.
Then stared at the paper, harder this time.
I positioned my hand to write, hoping the pen would pour out something.
Tickled my memory to surface something I could write about.
Ran through past and future, trying to imagine and paint.
I felt tired and lay down, looking at the blue sky above.
Let’s take a break, I told myself.
Blank, looked at the sky above, stretched till infinity, soaked in serenity.
The vibrance filling me gradually.
I felt, am I looking through a magnifying glass?
I saw a million cheerful faces smiling at me from above,
The radiance lighting up my face, the vastness overwhelming me..
Suddenly I felt, how small I am.
I felt my heart expanding in me.
I stretched out my arms and hugged the sky.
I felt happy, so happy, realising, its true when they say, to be happy, you don’t need a reason”.
I smiled back to those million faces.
And watched the faces turn into stars, as the blue transformed to amber, grey …black.
Getting mesmerised by the bejewelled beauty of the unending cosmos.
I lay there, smiling, oblivious of self and surrounding, listening to the silent melody.
That’s what they call bliss!
How could I not see something so amazing that was always there above me…I just had to look up!
And I always looked inside, to get inspired, foolishly thinking, creativity can be cultivated in a head.
I did not write a poem, but learnt how to nurture creativity.

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