Monday, December 29, 2014

Hold on.

Your dream, that you had nurtured all your life, that you had cradled in your arms in your dreams, the dream that was always there to bring you back to life, to bring back that light of hope, the zeal to try again..
the dream..your dream...
How does it feel when you see this dream going away..leaving you..fading away in the dusk..the shine dimming away...the dream going out of reach...going out of your sight..obscuring away in the horizon..
As if the force of life tears out of your body and moves away slowly..leaving you behind, your hands stretched out...leaving you with no energy to call out..or run to it and not let it go..
whether it is possible to not let your dream leave you, to not give up, to fight , to think and act...that is all there at a later stage..whether you have the choice to bring the circumstances in your hands...okay, that all is there...i do not mean to lecture on that...

But the very feeling that what you have always looked forward to..what you have always wanted to achieve..your destination which has also been your way till now..has developed cracks, which are mendable or not, you do not know at that moment, your dream absorbs all the light in the world leaving you behind engulfed in darkness..a feeling of vacuum feel non-existent.
all you can see and comprehend is..the road ahead is going away from you..leaving you stuck in an island of despair...
And you stand there, Lifeless. Motionless. Emotionless.
But what still remains is, the seed of faith.
Faith in some thing. Faith in  some one. And The seed grows one fine day.

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