Sunday, January 13, 2013

What is my calling?

Some days in life make themselves so uneventful and dull, that, when I look back and recall something worth remembering about those days; it seems they never existed in my life.
I dread my life to be a series of such uneventful and unmemorable days.
Well, they say “A day is as good as you make it”.  But that zeal to pull myself out of idleness or boredom or nothingness, to “make” the day good, seems like something I never possessed.
All I do is waiting for the day to get over, with the hope that the next day will be miraculously interesting, without I putting in fruitless efforts, fatalism at its peak.
The strange restless feeling is killing.
What is my calling?
As they say about love, you do not decide to fall in love, and you realise only after falling for someone, that you have fallen, does it hold true for all other serendipities?
There is this strange restless feeling in me that does not let me be at peace.
 I do not feel complete. I do not feel I have achieved anything that can be termed an achievement.
I feel a little hungry all the time. I feel a little sleep-deprived all the time. I feel a little restless all the time.
What is my calling?
A strange feeling haunts me all night when I do not have the answer to “what did I do today that I can feel more worthy than yesterday?”
I wake up in a confused state of mind- somewhat hopeful, somewhat anxious, somewhat optimistic, and somewhat nervous. Wake up with the other question waiting to be answered.
What is my calling?
Sometimes I feel I can become a writer, but this very question that “Do I have it in me?” kills all the spirit.
It has been said, “If you think you can do it, you can. If you think you can’t do it, you can’t.”
True. But I am yet to find my “it”.
The "it" which could be a solid answer to "What is my calling? "

The only baseless hope that someday I will wake up with an answer to “What is my calling?” keeps me going.
May be the hope is not baseless. I should not let it die. I should nurture it in all ways I can.
It’s then when I realise the profundity of this statement:  “Faith is your wealth.”
I do not do a favour to anyone if I pose faith in destiny or in God. It is my own wealth. If I lose it, it’s a loss to me, not to anybody else.
A complacent soul is always at peace. If you are restless, you are awakened.
But staying awake is not enough, is it?
You got to pursue your calling.
What is my calling?


  1. Wow. A huge wow… How you write this out? Do you have magical powers? Just kidding….. All the best to you and your readers

  2. oh no! i can't believe this !! now that my own feelings have found their words... thank you for that ! :) i have never ever thanked the author after reading his/her piece..i have taken a print of it... glued to my bedroom wall....

  3. Simple yet deep. Good writing.
    If you like reading, you can read my nascent works at

    Good luck!

  4. I cannot speak for your calling, Ritu, but I found mine in spite of all attempts by the illusory world to keep me away from it. It is to be happy, and the way to it is by overcoming ignorance, greed, and anger, and to be a fellow traveler to all around me on this insightful journey towards pure bliss. Wish you all the best, and hope to see more of your inspiring posts on this blog.

  5. thoughtful..
    U already are a good writer..n perhaps this is your calling..
    gud luck!!