Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nothing more, Nothing less.

A girl's voice, who gets eve-teased, who is harassed, who is treated with contempt on the roads of India.

I go out of home with eyes full of dreams, face lit with smiles.
With hope and confidence.
With zeal and strength.
As much as your’ s , my friend.

I feel equal. I feel safe. I feel secure.
I feel I am a person, not just a girl.
I respect you and expect just the same from you.
Nothing more, nothing less.

I walk on the roads fearless.
Why should I worry, it is my world too,
As much as it is yours.

But you tell me every day that “Whatever you are, you are a girl”.
You look at me as if I am an object.
When your lustful eyes dig deep into my body, it hurts.

You throw at me every day, your dirty words,
As if I am a garbage bin.

I feel unclean. I feel eroded.

I am not an object.
Nor a garbage bin.
Neither am I your property.

You do and forget, but it remains with me.
It frightens me when I step out of home.
It upsets me when I am alone.
It leaves a scar for forever.

I don’t feel safe.
The dreams in my eyes have to share the space with fear, caution.
The smile on my face is restrained.

I am bold, I can fight you.
But why do I have to fight each day just to be myself?
I can forget what you do, but not as easily as you do.

Why can’t you be human?
I am human. I respect you.
You be human. Respect me.
Nothing more, nothing less.