Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The craving for a soulful retreat…

Once in a while, the otherwise ever-wandering soul craves for a soulful retreat.
It longs to shut down the doors and windows and look within, not outside.
To enlighten the within with the light within, to let the answers germinate within, and stop trying to bring them from the foreign lands.
To relinquish all the adjectives and adverbs attached to the ‘self’ and its actions respectively. It wants to just be.
It desires to dance, to sing, to rejoice with the only companion that never leaves it - the self.
It says, “Silence the noise and the debates inside. Hear the music.”
Stop trying to be a better you. Just be yourself.
Love yourself with the highest of your capacity to love.  Embrace yourself.
And for this, you don’t have to be alone or lonely.
The soulful retreat can be in solitude, can be in company.
Self-acceptance is the thing - the only requirement for the party to begin.
Treat yourself with a soulful retreat.  Once in a while, do.”

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  1. Wonderful thoughts Ritu...So much wisdom in one so young..Keep articulating:)