Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Try that..

I realised that it is beautiful. I was in a cool and cosy coffee house, located on a busy road. The glass door shut the noise, heat and pollution from seeping into the neat ambience inside.
There weren't many people in the coffee shop. I was waiting for a friend to join me.
I was just looking outside, lying lazily on the couch.
There were buses, cars, bikes, and auto rickshaws, all trying to overtake the others, as if they are in a race.All hands on their respective horns. I could see frowning faces, must be cursing the traffic. There was a taxi driver yelling at a biker, he had made a dent on his taxi. And as usual, the crowd was enjoying the drama for free.
Well, as I said I could only watch all this, not hear.
And it was so amusing to Watch the noise and Hear the silence :)
( Please do not equate this with watching a movie or video on mute mode).