Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Away from home...

Dear Doors, you remember when I could not reach your latches,
how I would curse you :), No doors here are as welcoming as you were...

I remember your smell, Rose, have you outgrown the flower pot...?
you were already big for that then, did Mom shift you into another?

My  flowery Curtains, you would always make me feel light..
I loved your frills, wish you were here, I miss seeing you billow with the breeze..

Cupboards, you housed so many of my toys, you looked after them so well..
I wish you could come here, I am fed up of guarding my things..

Hey, tiny Mug, you were my favorite always..
Mom says, I would never let go of you when I was a kid :)

Walls, you got painted this time, which shade?
I used to feel so safe when you were around...

Tick Tock Clock! You run at the same pace na?
Here, life here runs too fast, aah..! I get tired...

Home, I miss you, do you?


  1. So, you dont miss people at your place kya?

    1. Sir, That is obvious, I miss the other things also.. which constitute my home :)