Sunday, July 22, 2012

I was disheartened.. not anymore.. :)

I wanted to write something, I did not know what to write about. I just started typing, believing that I will end up writing something.
Why does the heart feel so blank at times... :-/
Whatever good or bad I write, it all comes to me spontaneously. The harder I try, the more blocked I feel :(
When it has to come, it comes on its own.Any time any moment any where. 
I wonder how can someone, atleast how can I, make writing a means of my living.(I dream to...)
It is like, creativity chooses its own time and wish to come, how do I rely on it?
The other day, I was feeling bad that no one reads my blog, why the hell should I write. Of course there are a few people who have always been good and generous... hey there, those who are already know :) Thank you :)
But then, I sat back and thought and realized that if I look for recognition and appreciation I feel disheartened. This is not all for which I write. I write because it makes me feel worthy about myself. I write because I want to express what I feel. I write because I cannot keep anything inside. 

I am blessed that I have a means to share my thoughts and feelings with all of you out there...
If my words strike a chord of your heart, I feel luckier.

I realized that my writing should not be driven by desire of recognition, appreciation and feedback. Though nothing gives me greater joy than getting a genuine comment- not always appreciation :P I am equally greedy for criticism :)
Because it is anyway spontaneous.. I cannot control that flow of I am unable to, right now while writing this :)


  1. A genuine post ritu!!And should say,feeling blank is something blissful.And you are blessed with such a quality of writing skills..feel proud of yourself dalz..and just write it for yourself.Love you:)

    1. the loyal and generous souls.. u r one amongst the few :):) u r a sweetheart!

  2. Straight from ur heart. thats the quality fo a writer Madam. After writing my 2nd or 3rd blog i felt the same then i stopped myself and relized why i am writing and u said it...........

  3. Keep writing more and more...You are like a cuckoo who sings even if there is no appreciation, you are like Buddha who does even if follwers are not visible, you are like Lord Krishna who speaks even if there is one listener...above all you are not weak and poor to expect appreciation. ;)

  4. Nothing to write, nothing to talk
    Nowhere to run, nowhere to stop.

    Hungry mind, eating my soul
    Lonely i feel, i am all alone.

    Empty darkness, surrounding me
    Walls of stone, they stare at me.

    I fear, fear of nothingness
    Here I am, filled with emptiness!!

  5. It's really a genuine post Ritu....
    you have expressed many writer's feelings I guess and I liked it...
    Though I am not so good in writing (never dared to) still i started...
    Do you know why???

    Just after reading all your posts, it inspired me up to some extent....I mean it:)...It changed my way of thinking to write in blogger...
    I always want to express my feelings to the world by some means(as u already said) and i got it...Thanks:)