Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Put them on, take them off!

I am a bespectacled fellow for the last 10 years. I never realised when did specs become a part of my identity.
Today I realise that these are not just a pair of glasses, these are something magical...

They just do not help me see the world clearly, but since the time they are with me, they have been trying to give me a message, which I understand now.

I was on my way to office, in a taxi...enjoying the drive. I took off my specs and tried to read the hoardings, imagining how would a  day be like,  when I would forget my specs at home..

It was amusing, Put them on, see everything crystal clear. Take them off, and the world turns hazy and cluttered.
In less than a moment, the world changes for me. Clear- Hazy. Hazy- clear.
And what brings the change? A pair of glasses!

Everything remains the same, nothing changes in the world, whether I wear my specs or not. But the the way it appears to me, changes completely.

Suddenly it dawned on me... how truly said, all that matters is perception, the way we look at things. And it is absolutely in our hands how we look at them. Just like I want to wear my specs to see the world clearly or I want to be in the hazy world, without the glasses.
This is nothing new that I am writing. All you enlightened souls must have read it and known it for all your lives.
Just that it occurred to me so amusingly that I could not help but express.. after all, its My Weird World of Thoughts :)


  1. Best one ritu......very very nice....specially the thought about perception

  2. yea even I have spects recently - read 5 years - and I can go for laser but I won't coz, you see.. having spects I have two options -
    1. See everything clearly.. this takes me into my extrovert mood
    2. See only the outline of things and not the details.. this takes me into my introvert mood...

    but if you have good eye sight, can you NOT see things at will...!! guess who is better off... :P