Saturday, July 14, 2012

Free bird...

At times, it feels great to set yourself free.To give it all up- The sense of responsibility, The sense of righteousness, The sense of Punctuality.To stop thinking about anybody else on earth. To stop doing things to make others happy. And Just do whatever your heart wants. Whatever you want.

You do not want to go to office today. But you have a few leaves left. If you waste this one, you might have to cut down your next vacation. Give it a damn! You never know what happens tomorrow. Have a life today! Don't go! Chill out!

You have party to attend but you want to sit at home and enjoy the solitude. Do not feel like coming out of the silence. But this friend might feel bad... but you know that the party would not be cancelled if you do not go. Stop thinking! Don't go! Send a message that you cannot come. Rarely do you get the company of your own self. Enjoy that.

You have a long list of to-do tasks for the weekend. Pay the internet bill, iron your clothes for the week, refill the grocery, clean the cupboard etc etc. You feel like going for a long walk by the sea, Feel the wind, Forget everything else, Dance with the waves... You know that everything else can wait. Go ahead. Listen to your heart...

Life is a series of choices we make, choices that we make for ourselves, for our loved ones, for the future, for good, for well being, for justice, for commitment, for relationships.

It feels like a bird, sometimes when you make the choices just for yourself.
High in the sky, free from all the rights and wrongs, shoulds and should nots, yesterdays and tomorrows...

Let loose...


  1. nice one...
    getting lines for my status message..

  2. Very nice one got reminded me article of chetan bhagat where he said that we should bunk classes, love, enjoy thoroughly and do everything in life.

  3. Awesome ritu...we shan't loose it...we will do it :)

  4. Hmmm... Free bird! Kya baat hai!! Well said, life is a series of choices we make... and at times we need to let loose... but can we do it always? I want to but don't know if we can!