Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I believed I will never fall again...

I lay melancholy on the floor all night, 
I looked for his hand that could pull me upright..

Throat parched, eyes swollen, tears on the cheeks dried,
I waited and waited for him to come and wipe...

The weight on my heart could have buried me there..
My eyes bled, heart cried in despair..

"Why again did you let me fall?" I yelled...
Was he there to listen or all went unheard.?

I wanted to curse him, and curse him hard indeed,
"Doesn't  my faith mean anything at all, tell me!"

Why does he test me when he himself lets me down always,
What for is he "Supreme", I ask when he cant bestow his grace?

No hand came to lift me up, neither did any ray..
nor were my screams paid heed, I had to make my way.

I gathered myself to rise on my own ..
Enough of it, I am no object, I am a human.

I put my hand on the floor and tumbled,
got up again and then again stumbled..

I did not give up, and kept on trying
until on my feet I saw myself standing..

As I rose I felt filled with something..
was that hope or life or light or a blessing?

My feet felt strong and my body felt light,
the darkness dispelled, I could see things bright..

I was delighted I could do it myself,
I am capable, I don't need any help..

I rejoiced, celebrated and flaunted my win,
with all new confidence I set to begin...

Suddenly it occurred, did I really do it?
what was that energy that gave me the lift?

It was him, the "Supreme" , it was him!!
He watched me rise, fuelled my within..

I wasn't left alone, he was there behind the wall in disguise,
Like a mother, who watches her child, fall and rise...