Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Never say die!!

When you aim very high, but hit a bit low,
you can neither retreat nor make another go,
Nothing you can do except accept...
Then do accept, for a million more chances in life you will get.

You worked very hard from dusk to dawn..
but did not get the reward, then hold on..
You definitely will get the deserved, you may have to wait,
"True efforts never go in vain", have faith.

When all seems lost and destroyed
No hope, no light, no reason to be glad,
then try and cling to the faintest of rays,
because a new tomorrow still remains.

Even if everything goes right but luck often betrays you
You fight very hard but fate again deceives you,
with no courage left, you feel like giving up...
then just keep in mind that everything is dynamic, and so is your luck.

P.S: I had written this 6 years ago, when I had failed to crack AIEEE, it means all the more meaningful now :)


  1. nice to read at this moment. . :)
    Because its 11:30Pm
    And stil on the way to my room from ofc. . :P
    This post made me smile amid of this frustration. . :D