Saturday, June 23, 2012

For you my friend...

My friend, will you accept my sorry?

It were tough times for you when you dint get through..
and I wasn't there, did not even ask how are you..

when you fell in love, you had butterflies in your stomach :)
Who else could you share with, but I said I have "work"...

When you got that award, you were so delighted...
Iwas busy so much  that I almost neglected...

It was your wedding , you were nervous I know
"No leaves" is what I said, and I dint go..

You had that interview, you were tensed, you needed me
when I should have been there, I dint talk saying "I am in a meeting"..

It was your birthday and I forgot to send a wish..
and then covered up saying "I was caught up in office, forgive me please.."

You were a little low that day, wanted to talk, to feel better
I dint even listen, saying I am "out with the team, will call you later.."

Job, work, promotions, appraisals, deadlines, reports, and leaves
They should not be reasons enough to forget you, my friend,who will never leave..


  1. Every word of the poem is so true and so meaningful... Also I can totally relate to it and I guess everyone would relate to it as well... Awesome piece! Kudos! Keep up the good work!

  2. shift to wordpress, i say! simple yet so poetic.

  3. This is a gentle reminder for the robotic souls to eye their minds once. Fantastic post Ritu.
    Keep going :)

  4. Thank you Vivek!! keep reading :)