Monday, May 7, 2012


I remember, during the last days of my class 10th, there was a craze to get those colourful slam books filled by as many people as one could...all favourites- movies, colours, food, actors, actresses, place, teacher, sportsperson etc etc..pages together full of stupid things like these, and then the last page " Few lines about myself"...
And almost everyone would write," I love to  make friends", " making friends is my hobby...", " I like to know people.."

Even I had written the same. And I really meant it when I written it.

Not generalizing anything, I would keep this article a self-expression. But I would love you, my dear reader to share your thoughts on this.

Okay, here I go!

At this stage of my life, when I get to meet new people almost everyday.. the version of that statement that I used to write has changed to " I love to meet people, make friends..but I do not like to forget them"..

Sometimes I just sit back and ponder.. I get to know so many people in life, make friends with so many..some become really close...share so much about each other.. they become a part of life..the friendship reaches a high...and then change happens..we part ways... regular phone calls... occasional calls..then messages..then occasional messages...emails... occasional emails.. rarely a message on Facebook...occasional  posts on FB wall... then slowly and gradually, the warmth of the relation fades away in the "not-staying-in-touch" coldness...

It has happened with me uncountable times.

Sometimes, a strange "feeling of loss"  fills me. I cannot define the feeling in words, but you can relate it to the one that you get when something precious you possess starts going away from you.. and you cannot do anything about it..

I have had so many close friends, good friends, not-so-close friends..

We had made promises of being the same always..staying in touch all through the life..but everything fades away..

And I feel bad about it. But I cannot do much about it.
Keeping in touch is not easy. I emphasise, I have not said it is impossible. But it is difficult.

And hence, the silent and slow death of a friendship... and hence the "feeling of loss"...

I fail to figure out, how and what to do... as I had said earlier, though not impossible, but it is really difficult to be in regular touch with everyone...

I wonder, is this how life is, really?

This is an abrupt end to the article I know, I am looking forward to hear from you....


  1. this is not really hw life is. .
    U can stay in touch wit best ppl in ur life. . Only if U like them for no reason. .
    I feel like we can stay in touch with some ppl even wen they dnt talk to us. .
    Btw, gud article. . :)

  2. We are in touch with people who have similar aspirations like us and how comfortable in compromising for us. If these two conditions are not satisfied, even couples cannot be together.

  3. What I feel it z mutual..Why do u think of urself only ..It should be from the other side also..Now Case from this side u can bug a person 1nce 2wice 3rice ok 10 times and as he/she is away u may not get the same response and in that way the distance increases this z what I feel ? do the blogger agree with my text?
    U should also understand whether the other person was is busy with sum thing of more priority?
    So its mutual Both Should like each other with No reasons as May 7, 2012 1:02 PM tells :)

    1. Sorry for the late reply..

      I agree that the effort has to be put from both sides...
      And that is what does not happen and leads to the silent death of the once-treasured relationship..