Sunday, May 13, 2012

I wish I could jusssst...!!!!

To this one, girls can relate, guys would/should either feel guilty/ashamed or empathetic/sympathetic or supportive/understanding...

Eve teasing! I hate it..

If I write all the words that are coming to my mind, this article would be out rightly rejected by the Censor Board, had there been one to scrutinize blog posts. So, I leave up to you, imagine that all my sentences start with the best of bad words you know.. the bad words meant for the gentlemen on roads who think that they have been given licenses by the government to whistle, pass comments and behave as crude and uncivilized as they can, on spotting any girl..

When I was a teenager, I used to get afraid and nervous on being eve-teased... I would come back home silent and scared, unable to tell anything to anyone...

But now, my blood boils when an eve teaser throws a comment on me..I feel like slapping him right away..

I travel by public means of transport, I walk on the road..and I have encountered such filthy comments that sometimes feel like shoot the bloody $*%*^ then and there!!

If it were just words, to some extent it can be tolerated, but there are desperate  $*%*^  fellows who do not miss any chance to touch a girl..

They would intentionally brush.. I do not want to get into details of this..

It is really very disgusting to go through all this... almost everyday, as soon as I step out of home.

It is not just anger and frustration, it hurts somewhere deep inside...

Kabhi kabhi, when I come back home in the evening, after a long day of hustle and bustle, the comments I would have encountered in the whole day, they come with me..ringing in my mind..

I feel, " Main saaf nahin hun, mujhpar bahut si gandagi lagi hai.." I feel eroded.

How can some people be so insensitive? Its fun for them, but will they ever understand how it is to be a girl?

In my childhood, I had heard grown ups using these words.." ghar mein ma-beh...nahin hain kya".. Now I understand the meaning and even I feel about those lafangas, that don't they have sisters and mother?

Can they ever understand how a girl would be feeling when they pass a dirty comment in public, about her embarrassing it can be.. How would a girl feel when she is walking with her father/brother and a guy says.." Oye beautiful..kidhar chali..mere saath chal.."

All a girl can do and is suggested to do is ignore. All I have done is ignore.

A girl cannot go about slapping and fighting with every eve teaser... If she does, may be half of her day would go in slapping loafers.. And moreover, its not safe.

I am not sure if there is government law in this regard.

I wish our society had ALL decent males who respected woman and womanhood.

I wish I could walk on roads freely, without feeling conscious, like a kid...

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