Saturday, April 28, 2012

Those 4 minutes..

Everyday while going to office, I cross a foot over bridge. There are a few beggars whom I see daily, sitting on the stairs.
When I step on to the staircase, the old man stretches out his hand in front of me. I hand over a coin to him and proceed. The next old woman looks at me with expectations, hands stretched out. I hesitatingly drop another coin. Then on the other set of staircase, the other old man looks at me..this time I pretend not seeing him and walk away faster..
It happens everyday.
It takes me around 4 minutes to walk from that bridge to reach office. That 4 minute interval is the most restless period my day. I try to tell you why..

When I look at the old shriveled bodies of those beggars, something hits me hard inside. In a moment, a heavy gush of thoughts floods my mind. This poor old man must have children, do they know that their father is begging like this on they care at all.. this man must have had hay days in his life, does he relish his past.. I feel pity for them..and some kind of guilt over takes me..
The other day, I saw the old beggar smoking..and a bundle of cigarettes in his pocket. I was shocked a little. Does this man sit here begging whole day for buying cigarettes! And at this age, so close to the end, he still indulges in pleasure? ( though this thought is biased I know)..
When I see them everyday, some where in my heart, I feel hopeless. Will it ever be possible to uproot poverty from our country....?Can anything concrete ever be done? 
Do I do anything good by giving a few coins daily? I don't mind spending hundreds on a meal, but I do mind giving a 10-rupee note to a woman, who might not have had a full meal for days?
I am sorry I am unable to express what exactly goes on in my mind in those 4 minutes.
The moment I enter office, everything vanishes. And I am the same self again.


  1. this reflects your conscience that cares to think about others..
    but then having gone thru d same n wid greater intensity here in delhi...I can tell you that poverty wudnt go..coz each one of us is trained to believe that begging is the easiest option...although ephemeral...
    each one of us has something to offer...even those who beg...I wish they cud realize this.

  2. Everyone needs something...people at different places/stages ask[beg] the passer-by, parents, siblings, off-spring, friends, colleagues, higher-ups, teacehrs, government, and also God. But, the term beggar is applied to one set of people. There are requests everywhere, and you have limited resources[time/money]. So, give whatever you can and wherever you can because you cannot solve everybody's problem every time...As Swami Vivekananda said, by giving you are not serving others but helping yourself.

  3. @ Saravanan Sir: Truly said Sir..

  4. @Pamela: yes, what you say is the only way to pacify the self that almost kills me in those 4 minutes...

  5. Hi Ritu,
    I don't know how I stumbled on your blog?
    I was in a very hurry when I landed on your blog and was about to close it but then this article caught my attention.

    It's a nice post but I think that whatever situation a person is suffering from he has attracted towards him I will explain you how...
    For example if you will think that you don't have money , don't have job you will attract more of such circumstances and situations around you which will leave you with no job no money...I trully believe in the saying that THOUGHTS BECOME my suggestion for you would be that instead worrying for those old beggars and spoiling your mood every morning you are removing yourself with the sync of this happy and glorious universe...I might be harsh on these beggars but sorry I can't help it...and I will say it again that whatever situation somebody is in right now... is attracted by himself...I know you may be having some arguments on this in your mind and I respect your thoughts...but at the same time I don't care much about sufferings and sadness present outside in the world...I always live happily and therefore I always attract situations which help me live happily...

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