Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mobile Discs in Hyderabad!!

Heard of mobile hospitals, mobile shops, mobile restaurants..?
Definitely, you must have.

Heard of a Mobile Discotheque? That too for as nominal an entry fee as Rs 5 per person? Yes, you get it, believe me, you do. Just that you go be a little brave.

Come to Hyderabad, the City of Nizams, the City of  Pearls, the City of Biryani, the City of Char Minar..
and for me, the City of Mobile Discotheques!

Wondering how? Tempted already?

The great Auto Rickshaws of Hyderabad.
Each time I get into an auto, the Anna tries his best to give a city-best disc experience, but as I said, "you got to be brave" is the criteria here, like the way they have in the "stationary" discotheques, that you have to have a partner with you.
I am a mere kitten-heart girl. All the while, I keep my fingers crossed, that I will reach my destination with a damage free body.

Let me describe one of my such unwanted experiences.
I stood at an auto stand looking for a shared auto. In no time, there came one..zzzuuuuuuunnnnnn! Like  an aeroplane landing.. I was almost blown away..
Out popped the auto driver's head.. negotiated the fare and I plopped into the aircraft..errr...the auto rickshaw.

All of a sudden a deafening sound came, which made me feel for an instant that it was a bomb blast!
The Auto wallah had switched on the radio :-/

It was "Sheila ki jawani", at the highest volume the instrument could support. In no time, I felt like I am drowning in a sea..not of water, but of sound...submerged, rolling and toppling and tumbling in the waves of sound..
This covers the music part of the disc.

Now the dance moves.
The auto was being driven as if it is not a vehicle running on road, but a motor boat dancing on sea or a jet plane performing stunts in the air..! I was wondering if he really cares about meeting with an accident or dashing into something/someone... if not about his life, at least he had a little concern for the passengers' life.. no!

All the twists and turns of the auto were in sync with the music..that had already made me feel deaf. And with the vehicle making these serpentine movements, I was also waving and falling from this side to that.. I was almost dancing, in a sitting posture...

And thanks to the pollution of the city, that made up for the smoky and murky ambiance inside a disc.

Isn't it good enough a set up for a mobile disc? Icing on the cake is- a 5 rupee coin is all you need!

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  1. you danced for Shiela ki jawani!!!
    you should do that for me when we meet this time.

    1. Hehe..we wil travel in an auto together :)

  2. Awesome post!!! The writer is back in town I say! Loved the way u put thread into the beads... and loved the subtle humor of a real life situation...

    I miss the Kuntry junta and kuntry songs of autos at Hyderabad! besides other things of course :)

  3. oye bt I guess disc are wher u go and dance at will but u danced to Govt. of India created dance moves.well nxt tym do try some laser lights and snacks along with some drinks dat ll make it rather a dare devil disco!!!!

    1. Nice suggestion but u know, I hate these autos!