Saturday, July 16, 2011

A New Chapter begins....

Remember the good friend of mine struggling with the weight loss ideas....


There are some souls on earth who are born to not lose ever..come what may!

There are as many ways to lose weight as there are stars in the sky.My friend is in no mood to give up.Here is what the poor being is up to now a days..again in his own words..

" I have started going to the gym.I have seen big fatsos reducing themselves to zero size.I am sure the cross-trainer and treadmill will have mercy on me as well.Besides,its a nice way to refresh oneself from the monotonous schedule.

The first day at Gym: Since I had never stepped into a gym ever before in my life, I was nervous that I will make a fool of myself.I kept strolling outside the gym for half an hour considering if should I or should not.I was getting tempted to postpone.I thought,its 21st today,I should better start from 1st of the next month,fresh month fresh start! But some part of me dint allow me to do this.So,I gathered all the guts,tried to appear confident and went in.
There were people doing all sorts of streches and push ups and all..It appeared to me like " pehelwan ka adda"....I went to person and asked ..." Excuse instructors haan??" He said, "I am the instructor.How can I help you?"
I was like "Oh shit!" All the fake confidence was gone and I stood there blank,in front of him.I am sure I was looking stupid.
I blurted out at once " Sir, this is the first time I have come to a gym.I know nothing.Will you please help me? I am dying to lose weight." I was sounding helpless.As if I was drowning and crying for help..
The instructor gave a wry smile at first,then said 'Ok'.
First he took me to the treadmill.There were three in a row.I was on the middle one,flanked by two others on both sides,on which guys were running and sweating and giving me weird if they were saying " Yeh khelne ki cheez nahin hai...treadmill hai treadmill...!!"
The instructor explained me things,half of which I couldn't understand.He was about to leave when I shouted 'Sir how does it stop??"
He laughed before telling me how to stop it any time.He set the timer for 10 minutes,speed 4.5km/hr and left.In not more than 5 seconds I reduced the speed to 3km/hr and the time to 5 minutes..
It seemed like it was taking an hour for 5 minutes to pass..
I dont know how much funny I was appearing that everyone around was looking at me..I was wondering when the instructor came and said "Madam you dont have to push the machine, it is powered.Just walk straight and normal".Smiled and left.Then I realised that I was at almost 60 degree angle with ground,as if I was mounting Mount Everest.I knew I was looking a fool.
It was embarassing!
More such situations came..enough for today..."

I must say that my friend is a "Never say die".Will share with you more as i get to know....:)


  1. :P :P

    ur friend is a guy, right??
    instructor called him MADAM in the last para :P :P

  2. Tell this ur friend, "U have the potential, U can do it" :)

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  4. @dddd: Sorry to address u like this but i dnt knw ur name..
    Did i ever say that the friend i m talking about is a guy? :) :)

  5. the third paragraph, you addressed as "in his words" So...even i got that doubt about you writing as "Madam" again.