Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tryst with "Weight loss ideas"

Tryst with Destiny

The story narrated below is that of one of my friend’s.I am sure many of us can/would relate to it.I did to an extent.So I wanted to it goes…in my friend’s own words…

“Never in my life I had thought that I will ever have to try losing weight.Till I joined a software company,in fact until around six months,I was rest assured that I will never have to bother about how many sweets I have per day...or I have samosas and pastries for snacks...I was so comfortably laid back that I will never have to watch what I eat and whether I work out or not....Whenever I would see someone fighting back his or her temptation to gorge with pizzas or gulabjamuns,I would chuckle and pat myself saying...''dnt worry...this situation wudnt ever come in ur life...You have a lot of room to put on weight...jusss chillll........''
But Alas!!!
Those carefree days are gone! And however hard I try I fail to find out exactly when did my carefree days start vanishing..
You blow a balloon to the maximum of its capacity and tie it to corner in your room.You see it everyday getting smaller and smaller.but you dont realise that its getting smaller until the day it becomes as small as an unblown one.Same happened with me...Just that the reverse happened.In my case,the balloon started sucking in air and I realised it when I felt that there are
potential risks of the balloon getting burst...

However,I console myself saying 'Better late than never'.Atleast the balloon hasnt burst yet. I spent days reminicing my good old slim days...looking at my old jeans..which I could no more get into...getting sad...wondering if ever those days will come back...

Finally one day I got up and decided I will stop brooding and do something.The first thing I did was I brought back the bag of all my clothes( which had refused to let me in).I had packed all to give it to my bai...I kissed and caressed all my favourite Tees and jeans and asked them..."give me a few days my sweeties...dont abandon me in this testing time.."

I reasearched a lot on all healthy and natural ways to lose weight.(I can write a book on that as well....)
Lemon juice with warm water is a tried and tested way to lose weight.Added advantage is it gives you a radiant looking skin.So I was happy and started taking lemon juice everyday...until I started forgetting to buy fresh lemons everday.Daily started becoming alternate days..then weekly once..then fortnightly...monthly...and gone!

Next idea Suryanamskars.In addition to losing weight,it helps strengthening the muscles and gives mental peace.So I started.4 rounds..then 6 rounds a day..then 8...Went up till 12..but I wasnt seeing any result...( Yoga is no magic pill..I should have borne it in mind..)...In no time the count took the reverse course...12...8...6...4...1..and gone!!

Then I thought I lack determination...hence I should involve someone else that there will be someone to monitor...So I called up a friend of mine who was
struck with the same tragedy as mine.
We decided to go for morning walk.Everyday. unfailinglly.Brisk walking.for atleast 45 minutes.But given the office schedule,I had to sacrifice some of my sleep in the morning in order to accomodate the new Weight-losing mantra.SO me and my friend decided to wake up at 5.30 am in the morning everyday and "march' to bring
back our glorious days back....

Day One: I could not sleep the whole night for the fear that I might get late on the first day itself.We went for the walk.yawning all through the way.hardly covered a kilometer.Gasping for breath & hopelessly seeing people run pastus rounds after rounds....

Day 2: I somehow pulled myself out of bed.We went.Tried to walk fast.Faster.fastest.We reached back home tired.To rest I just lied down and I woke up to realise that it was past 11...i was already 2 hours late for office!!

Day 3:Somehow manaaged to sleep at night.Called up my friend at 5.30 to wake him up.He was so deep in sleep that neither the alarm nor my phone calls could wake him.Imaginign him sleeping blissfully,I could not resist myself falling back on my
bed again.

So,first bunk!

Also,after our own kind of 'brisk' and 'fast' morning walk, my breakfast started getting big and bigger....:(

Day4:Me and my friend set our alarms at the highest volume possible.I was afraid what if we both don't get up and our neighbors come banging our doors....Thankfully we woke up.Determined to compensate for the bunk also.Perhaps,I walked too fast than what I am made for.I started feeling dizzy and my friend had to hire an auto to bring me back home...

Day5: Rest.

Day 6: I woke up and called my friend and said that 'its raining hard,what should we do?'.she said in a delightful tone that ,''yeah yeah I can hear the rain drops..we cannot go ofcorse..go back to sleep...''

I woke at 8.30 and saw it was bright and sunny outside.Not a single sign of rain..leave aside last night,it must not have rained in the past two months.I was puzzled and called my friend to ask.she was equally puzzled.Then we both realized that our inner longing to sleep made both of us imagine and invent rain!

We weighed ourselves almost everyday to see keep a track of the progress...
But only if any progress could begin...

Still struggling with newer ideas.If I manage to lose atleast 50 grams..I can call it an achievement! “

Hats off to my friend!! :) :)


  1. Hi Ritu,
    First of all its very funny to read.Because daily i think in the night before i sleep that i should get up early in the morning to go to the GYM.but in the last whole month only 1 day i went to GYM.
    So the whole article reflected me when i am reading.

    Article is very good.Keep writing these type of funny articles with very useful meaning.

  2. Thanks for all the appreciation Hanuma!
    Even the same happens with me....:(

  3. can so relate to it... 4 out of my 4 friends are struggling with this.
    Thankgod, i am blissfully thin :D :D

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  5. @Rohit: Dont say you are blissfully struggle the same way as your '4 out of 4' friends do..just that they are dying to shed those extra flabs off and you want to put on...ask them to donate their extras to you :P

  6. hahahha!! a really gud one..
    it gives me a fair enough idea what goes round "ROUND" people!! :P
    hope it gives me adequate mercy 2 deal with some :P

  7. Its awesome dear.....even i m in d league.....lolz

  8. Nope .. not me.. will never i guess !! :D

  9. Patla hona hai........????????

    Thoda mushkil hai..... but not impossible

    Try a full-proof idea

    I bet you will automatically loose weight

    Wanna know what?

    Pyaar karlo kisise
    (waise yeh apne aap hi ho jata hai, is par kisi ka zor nahi chalta; but still you could think your crush being with you or the one you love, pata bhi nahi chalega wajan kahan chala gaya...and the amazing thing is you yourself wont know how you did it, atleast charbi to gayab ho hi jaegi.
    But .. but .. but .. never think of the one you loved whom you lost (if so) coz it will result very reversely and you could gain weight thinking thinking and thinking a lot of things...

    I BET..

  10. ha ha ha Ritu...tat ws a hilarious one...even i went thru the same phase few mnths bck....but thank God....i gathered all my will power and enrolled myself to a place...i alwz feel...this wrks as...wen u pay ur hard earned money and enroll urself...u r definite to rch there every day on time...come whatever may :-)