Saturday, August 27, 2011

The other day, I was in office immersed in my work.I was given a new assignment and I was completely into it.My mobile rang.Unknown number.I picked up,still lost in work..said "Hello,who is this?"..." Idea presents one month internet browsing offer..." It was at such a high volume... with the Idea wala music ( the remix version I guess with dhol and beats and all..." I almost dropped my cellphone...I wanted to scream " You idiot! Don't disturb me..!!".But I realized there is no one on the other side to hear..I felt like an unarmed soldier...I disconnected the call..saved the number " Idea Idiots". Took a few deep breaths and started working.I had already lost the flow.Grrrrr!!!

After a while, when I was again deeply into my phone rang again.Another unknown number.I picked up,"Hello ( who the hell) is this?"..
"Idea lo swagatam...( welcome to Idea in Telugu )..."
I just clenched my teeth....grrr...what else could I do...I saved the number "@#$%*@ Idea Idiots" and tried to get back to work.

This happens so many times that i feel, one day I will run out of memory space in my phone..I will not be able to save any more contacts...All i will have will be " Idea idiots..."

Why the hell do these people keep bugging us..I m sure not a single customer of theirs must have ever benefited from all these stupid calls of theirs.And when you really need their service, they are not there.Call customer care, they will eat up your head asking you press 1 for English or Hindi,then 2 for prepaid or postpaid, then 3 for balance related problems,then 1 again for recharge or balance inquiry...

Then they put you on hold and make you hear some horrible song..for minutes together...and yes, they charge you for this call...!

By the time you hear a human voice, you would have lost your patience or forgotten your problem...

While writing this post, i got another call from an unknown number..."Idea lo swagatam.."!

Does anybody know how do I save myself..?


  1. I don't know what to say here...
    On one hand I can understand what u r going thru. Trust me, I use the WORST service in the WORLD - Reliance.
    I can only suggest u to port your number to Voda or Airtel. Will reduce your worries for sure, but will expand ur bill :)

  2. Be Patient...This is the only thing we can do...:) To tell their offers and to expand their business is their work.So we cant blame them...

  3. @Amit: Airtel is no better ! I had airtel before i switched to idea...every service is equally irritating!

  4. 1. Register your number in the "Do not Disturb" registry. After 45 days of registering your number, you'll stop receiving these calls.
    2. See if you can configure net access for your account on their website. If you can get a user ID and password, you'll have an option of stopping the promotion calls/SMS from them.
    3. Best of all, stop using cell phone.
    4. Avoid bringing it to office
    5. Don't pick calls from unknown numbers unless you are looking for a change in job.

    Hope these tips help you :)

  5. @ Harsha: I am sure the first two options can help me.So I will not have to go for the rest three.Thanks for giving so many options :) :)

  6. Being a BSNL customer i haven't faced the problem to such an extent till now, but the fact talked about over here is very true. Private operators just make situations worse with their uninvited helping hands or u can say mouths.Tune it and hear the same blah blah...