Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I stay away from home.I had become very used to to say that "I miss home..I miss my mummy.."..without realising when do i really do..until it came to me one day that
i miss my mom when i am hungry..I miss the affection with which she used to feed me.I miss her during exams..that when i was at home,tired and exhausted,how i would lie on her lap and she would gently stroke my hair..I miss her when i dnt have money to buy something i like..i think of her getting my wish granted without a question.I miss her when i have a difference with my friends..that if i were at home..how i would run to her bursting into tears..and she would console me..
i miss her when i feel nervous..that how she would fill me with confidence by hugging me tight..I miss her when i am ill..how her care worked faster than medicines...
I dont know what was i filled with..when i realised that I miss her only when I need her.I wanted to say sorry.I wanted to tell her that I was selfish.And tell her everything that I have written here.But all i could say is
"mama..i love you"
She smiled and said.."I know".


  1. This is not just b'coz i found ur comments really inspiring to write more...
    To put it in the PICTURE PERFECT mode in writing, i would rather say that i loved the way u potray the selfless love nd immaculate innocence of MOMs...
    Its something with motherhood that makes a woman so special...
    We are never able to feel it the way it is frm her perspective coz frankly speaking "We are selfish!!"
    But i feel this selfish love is sumthing tht makes us come more close to our parents...
    No mention abt DADs...?
    i find tht intriguing :)
    anyways my next post is gonna be abt my DAD...
    i hope u make it up to your DAD too :)
    Again, very nicely put words.
    KEEP IT UP!!!

  2. thanx alot.may be people visiting my blog henceforth would enjoy reading ur comments more than reading my posts...thanx.

  3. you know Ritu ...whatever you wrote in this post is a testimony to da fact that "dooriyaan ,nazdikiyaan badha deti hain".
    Am I right??