Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does it happen with you?

Sometimes in life..everything seems beautiful..everything into place..the days seem bright..the cool breeze so soothing..everything around looks beautiful..
every face seems smiling..lit up..
I feel filled with energy..an urge to achieve..excel..struggle ..fight..difficulty doesnt seem a difficulty..it appears as a challenge..and the whole world seems to be supporting me..an unseen force holding my hand..not letting me fall..i can feel the presence of all my loved ones..as if i am surrounded by an envelope of their care and love..i feel so rich..
But what happens that everything changes.I wonder how and why does it happen..that i miss the transient time also.
Everything seems colourless..lifeless..cheerless.No will to do what i m supposed to do..let alone the enthusiasm to reach for the stars.Returning smiles seems to be a burden.Irritation..frustration replaces all that zeal and optimism..as if the whole universe has turned hostile.I miss not being missed.I long to be longed for.I fail to feel the love around.I want to feel wanted..
I demand.I argue.I disagree.all pointlessly..
It seems as if there will never be day again..
But it comes:)


  1. Yes MAM...
    it definitely happens with almost everyone who has ever experienced love in his/her life EVER...
    no matter how good you are in ur dealings with life...
    there comes a dealing when u LOVE TO LOOSE...
    thats ...
    well ...
    u put it in words n in a well fashioned way...

  2. thankyou:)
    so i am nt the only one who feels like this..!!
    huh! thank god!

  3. After reading your "does it happen to you" I completely get consolidated that "we are all in the same boat."
    I felt every single line in your post to be my personal experience.
    It was as if me and you got the same eyes... :)
    And the last line ..."but it comes"...is nothing less than the art of hoping and keeping our faith aglow.