Thursday, February 5, 2009

selfless love..

I find it difficult to believe,remember,understand or follow anything which i have just read.unless seen or simply fails to get into my head..and even if it does..doesn't stay there for long..
I had read so much about love...selfless and pure and all seemed bookish and meaningless until recently..
I have a little girl in my neighbourhood...(the same one with a pitiful hindi..if u remember..)
she owns a pet dog Annie.Rather i should say Annie owns a master,that is her.literally..her everything lies in her dog.She said one day.."annie is going to its maternal uncle's house.."
I to its maternal uncle's...she said.."isnt my uncle his uncle also?"
i smiled thinking foolish of her.
A few days back i saw her limping..looking pale and exhausted.An iron nail had hurt her foot while she was playing with Annie.Her cute little face looked dull and eyes swollen red..she had just had her tetanus.While narrating the mishap...her chhubby cheeks went wet with big drops of tear..
But sudddenly her face lit up bright as she spoke the sentence.."thank god! the nail didn't hit Annie's feet.."
And then,i understood what selfless love is..


  1. ""it simply fails to get into my head""..................of course u dont hv to be in love to understand love

  2. it isnt easy for me to understand theory also..:)

  3. whoa...annie has a dog too!!!
    u never told me dat.....newaz...she's cute...and yes children often teach us great lessons in life which we unmindfully ignore in our daily hustle n bustle...

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  5. its nt just children...
    any heart tht is even the slightest moist and has a PURE feeling for someone has something to offer tht we ppl... (ADULTS n MATURED as we call ourself), have to learn from...
    But only a few ppl are there to NOTICE and above it APPRECIATE you have done.
    I hope tht the moist part of the li'l gal in ur neighborhood stays the way it is...
    When a child grows up to an ADULT, its like the MURDER of an innocent soul and birth of a SHREWD character who is not able to appreciate small things in life...ain't it!!!

  6. that is absolutely lovely... only an honestly pure soul can gauge such emotions... good going.. nice work...

  7. Hey Ritu...
    I am amazed to see you learning lessons(and as a matter of factly ..very powerful,fundamental and beautiful lessons) from the easily ignorable events of life like the one you narrated in the post above.
    This post of yours is a testimony to the fact that kids teach us great lessons in life BUT ONLY WHEN WE ARE ABLE TO LEARN.
    I m more than thrilled ,that YOU are able to do that.
    Firstly,I appreciate your heart.
    Secondly,I more than adore the way you put what your heart says into beautiful and charming lines.
    keep making a necklace of these pearls.