Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have always been low on confidence.It took me a lot of guts to express myself publicly..thanx to a very good friend of mine..her push worked to give me the momentum..and start blogging.
I remember the day I had created my orkut account.I was less nervous on my JEE entrance exam..and lesser on the day i had a toe operation.To write a few words about myself in my orkut profile..I went through almost all adjectives in the oxford dictionary..but still I could not find appropriate ones.All i wrote about myself was.."R-receptive,I-incessant,T-theist,U-unstoppable".Except theist..i knew everything was exaggeration.
I was indeed a stupid.And I dont mind accepting it publicly.


  1. what the hell !!! no title???

  2. one thing is for sure you are totally different person when it comes to your writing.........i mean you are frank, hilarious, receptive which is a bit contradicting to what you are as person speaking keep writing

  3. "receptive"...?:)
    well..i am more of my true self when i m writing..its difficult to fake ur thoughts na..
    do keep reading.

  4. Some sugesstions(take it easy)....
    Try to say everything u feel in ur heart nt even concealing a single one..
    "we all her human beings and we can understand u mostly"-this should b d the concept.
    Even if some misjudge u or make fun of ur fellings dont stop..its nt ur problem..its "their" problem..who dont even have that essence to get that sprituality from the truethness of someone else..they r beast.

    b a Bird..glide the sky obstacle will b there to stop u..its "my" promise.