Saturday, January 24, 2009


I had read somewhere many years ago.."Be fast in taking decisions.Even if you are wrong,you have would have time to correct yourself.If late and wrong,you would not have time to regret even."
In those days of my life,I was better in memorising things than at understanding them.And I was still better in implementing them without understanding them.
Whenever mom used to send me to market to get vegetables..I would stop at the very first vendor and carry home all that he would be selling..without going any further to look for better choices..The only thing ruling my mind in those days was.."Be fast in taking decisions..."
And I would come home just to get a nice thrash from mama about my stupidity.
In exams,I would start writing as soon as I would see the first question..without sparing a few minutes in making a choice from the alternatives..only when I would fail..I would look for the other options..And i never regretted about the time loss.I would pat myself that I took a fast decision and that is why i had time to correct myself.
What an idiot I was..
At this moment..I am not able to recall more of my stupidity..I would continue..


  1. Be fast in making decisions...but also be sensible in making decisions...

  2. next time dont just pick everything from the first veggy it freom the one sitting next to him/her...heheh.:))

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