Friday, January 23, 2009

Purely Veg!!

I am a pure vegetarian.I feel proud about it.And I feel more proud when people around me ask me with amazement.."kabhi andaa bhi nahin khayi..?"
But the number of admirers is equal to the number of those who think that being a vegetarian is a disgrace.They remark.."jeene ka kya faayda agar chicken nahin khati..?" I wonder if they were born to gobble hens and eggs only.
Some try to sympathise as if by not eating flesh and meat I am missing out the truest essence of living.
I always roam around with a readymade set of proverbs,scientific and spiritual facts about the benefits of vegetarian diet..and I use it favorite ones.."jaisa khaoge ann..waise hoga mann."
"doctors say that vegetarians are less prone to cancer and heart attacks.."
"Those with vegetarian food habits have a better control over their senses.."
One of my admirer..always used to ask me.."dont you ever want to taste do you resist the temptation..?"
Even after saying a hundreds of times that i never thought of tasting it..i dont know how it tastes..then why would i have to resist..She would again ask.."dnt you ever..?"
I asked her one day,"dont you ever want to taste lizard eggs or mosquito do you resist the temptation..U know the Bantus of African jungles relish it so much...?"
She got what i meant.Never did she ask me again.And now she is not only the admirer of my food habits..but also my intellect.:)


  1. very nice writing..keep it up..

  2. me being an eggitarian always had a dilemma about my choice of food..............if you are into body building, v-shaping, dole-shole thing then u have to be a nonvegie.......but if u r happy wid wat u have then no harm in being a vegie. I guess we all eat to live and not live to eat so it doesnt realy matter wat it is.

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  4. so u shud also have a set of proofs abt wat all u say.......

  5. start eating least......these goddamn non-veggies will slay you with their set of "oh-my-god-u-dont-eat-meat" exclamations........:))))

  6. The best vegetarian-blog !! :) the last line sums it up :)

  7. I got your notion.It was impressive bt could nt turn me out a admirer of yours and i actually dont wanna make u a non-veg bt trying to impose the logic like"its one n only life given by almighty so enjoy it entirly consuming all tastes that is obviously conceivable ant nothing more than that".
    so best of ur life in ur own way .
    and your nuances of writing is thing that
    moved me asthetically.

  8. I value your advice Sir:)
    And i agree that life is to live to the full.
    and it is always good to receive genuine comments.looking forward to more of your kind words..

  9. He he... Nice answer :-)
    lovely blog

  10. Once I got an exclamation "you don't even eat chicken! " with an expression that said 'poor chicken... She's not being eaten by you! '

    1. Thanks Nimish! We the proud vegetarians :) :)

  11. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.