Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucky Me!!

I feel so fortunate to find myself among non-hindi being a Hindi speaking entity.
The crippled distorted hindi they speak is an eternal source of entertainment for me.
A real good friend of mine is an expert in solving electrical being unbelievably poor at it.I cant keep myself expressing deep admiration for him..and its more difficult to keep myself from rolling to laughter when he modestly says.."Mera baap mujhe sikhaya".
Another real good friend...not so fortunate to have an intelligent father..says.."mera maa acha hai..pitaji bahut gussa karti hai".
My neighbour..a cute little girl..came running one day to get her hindi homework corrected..( i enjoy a high status.."andhon mein kana raja" u know). She had made sentences using proverbs.
"Aag babula hona--Aaj first period mein students class mein chilla rahe the toh teacher gusse se aag babula ban gaye."
I could hardly find Hindi in it!!
To be selfish,i enjoy my peals of laughter and never bother to correct my friends.


  1. vishwajeet: is it reality???????? m laughing ma heart out here............haaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa............

  2. iss hasgule se hume bahut anand prapt hua...........(ya ya i am gud at PJs)

  3. ~teacher gusse se aag babula ban gaya~

    ha ha ha ha...
    cant stop crying...oops laughing.

  4. Nandhan: I was expecting the "Ice Age" encounter.. :)