Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lucky me!

I just cant help myself from sharing my luck with you...
Some more amusing Hindi..
How can one be so stupid to say that "machhar mujhe gaal pe kha gaya.." Atleast once in a lifetime who would have seen a Tortoise mosquito coil ad or Mortein ad must know that "machhar gaal pe kaat sakta hai..gaal pe kha nahin sakta!!"
Believe me..this is no fiction.I am not so creative..
Another one- That same little girl..( who gets her homework corrected by me)I asked her from where did she learn so much about anacondas.she said.."mera mummy aur daadi discovery dekh raha tha..main bhi wahin baith rahi thi..wahin se.."
Though selfish of me..but I pray may her Hindi go on worsening without her knowledge.


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