Thursday, April 10, 2014

Create a story..will see.

I often get tempted to give up.
“Enough of it, accept that you are ordinary, you are no genius.
Stop thinking of failure as the stepping stone to success, you are not Steve Jobs.”
Waiting for a miracle. That’s stupid, stop being a fatalist.
Get real.”

There comes a day, when dreams and ambitions seem a burden.
Or the inability to fulfil them, lack of direction, or low of commitment?
Whatever, it feels heavy.
I scream out loud to myself, “Stop being hard on yourself. Everyone is not born to create stories. You are not born to create a story.
Get dissolved in the crowd, yes.”

But the moment I decide to empty my heart of my desires, I feel a vacuum.
When I try to empty my eyes of my dreams, I see nothing.

And then, I realise, at least I am born to dream. I am born to try.
Create a story… will see.                 

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