Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Something I had written long back...

The other day, I was just dusting my shelf and found an old diary I used to write in, some 8years ago...
I came across a few poems i had written back then. I feel so amused to read them now. Most of the lines are
the twisted and rephrased forms of the quotations I used to read from the "WISDOM" monthly magazine.
The poems seem so kiddish to me now. But I love them and can't help but share it with you all..
Here is one of the few...

Never ever think that you are small,
there is a lot that is right in you...
Don't ever pity yourself,
whatever you want you can do!

Do not compare yourself with others,
because all are special and different
Stand firmly in the battlefield of life,
Hopeful, determined and confident.

Never waver to admit your mistakes,
nor fear from criticism,
Try to learn from your follies,
and keep the company of optimism.

He who fears from failure,
is absolutely sure of defeat.
So, stop thinking about the result
and don't even dare to retreat.

if ever you fail and want to give up
then be aware from before
You may have to regret later in life , that
you could have succeeded if you had tried just once more..

And remember, our greatest glory consists
not in never falling at all..
Rather it lies in,
Rising every time we fall.


  1. You removed the Bored blog?

  2. It was nice meeting you at Lunch @ Park. Nice blog. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks a lot Anuradha ji. It was indeed my pleasure to meet an experienced blogger like you.

  3. Hey, where did you get all your vocabulary from?! I loved the affectation and affection in bored post... I never knew 'affectation'. Thank you!

  4. Even I got to know this word while writing this...