Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let me live...

I believed that I have been made for you,
and I always did.
Whatever I had, my breath, my body, my life
I offered you all.
I bore all the dust you flung on me,
Silently I bore it all.
Never did I demand anything,
Always survived on my own...
Always welcomed you in my shade.
You hurt me often,
I healed myself  each time.
just to serve you again.
but still you brought me down, why?
I felt, if not me, you would give my child a place to survive,
But you say, you don't have space.
I care for you.I know you need me,

And I am afraid, you might wipe out my existence, 
please don't do that to me..

You might not care to heed me.
You are the most superior being on earth,
and I am just a tree.


  1. Very nice is very expressive

  2. just one word I would like to say "INCREDIBLE"

  3. green page mein u wrote about a green tree.. hi hii..
    so ritu is going green these days??..
    after the 4th comment frm d top.. i thought u were going Pink! :P
    but i must admit its awesomely Xpressed!

    1. I was always green, if u remember my wardrobe curing college days :P

      Thanks..and let us discuss other colours offline :)

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  5. Hi Ritu, I am waiting for your next post...! You have some magic in your writings that is why we have been Waiting for your next post.