Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are you happy...

Where lies happiness for you....?
in music..?
in celebrations..?
in emotions..?
in relations..?
in almighty..?
in pain..?
in abundance..?
in goals..?
in truth..?
in renouncement..?
in smiles..?
in sharing..?

some get it here..some see it there..
some wander all life but find it nowhere..

whoever said, hence has said so right
"Happiness is just a state of mind".


  1. The begining is not "JUST" its a "GRAND" one rather...a radioactivity in itself..n for the 1st tym its builds n doesnt destroy..
    gud going gal:)
    luk forward eagerly to more from u :)

  2. in relations..?.........................MY DEFINITION OF Happiness

  3. Yup . I agree with the veiw that "Happiness is just a state of mind".
    At this point, it reminds me of Christopher Gardner from the movie "Pursuit Of Happyness"

    -It's not "H-A-P-P-Y-N-E-S-S" Happiness is spelled with an "I" instead of a "Y". Hope u get the meaning here :)
    And it can be only be pursued :)

    But I couldn't get the relation between the title and the content !!

  4. well..this was my first"just a beginning.
    i hadnt expected such keen readers.