Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Zindagi!

How is life?
That is the most frequently asked question. And perhaps the most thoughtlessly answered, too.
I snooze the alarm, wake up with a start, get ready in hurry burry, work like a robot, and check the phone almost every 5 minutes during all the awake hours. That’s life. Is it?
I have taken life for granted, to a great extent.
I stepped back, switched off my phone, and looked at life. And realised, this is the greatest gift I have ever gotten, rest all has just followed.
Dear Life,
Hope you are doing well. I am good too.
I am sorry. Now and then, I have belittled you. I have cursed you, swore on you, and gave up on with the slightest of trouble. But you stayed calm. You did not leave me, held on to me like a patient father hugging his child who is mad at him for not getting his favourite chocolate. How does the kid realise that too much chocolate is not good for him!
What are you made of, you have always loved me back with a greater intensity!
I often wonder, what is life? A story? Pictures? Memories? Experiences?
Or is it relationships? Or ambitions? Is it a journey? Or is it the destination?
For me, you are my constant companion, who becomes what I need.
When I was dejected after flunking those final semester exams, I almost decided to give up. But you were there, sitting by me, with your steady warm hand wrapped around my shoulder, listening to my sobs and silence. I wanted to leave you, but you did not leave me. And see, today where I stand. Nobody even cares about that scorecard. You were a friend then. The best friend one could ever ask for.
When I am elated, I forget to thank you. I scold you, I curse you, I push you away, but you are always patient like my mom. She always knew that I had to swallow that bitter medicine, if I were to get well. You too would put me to tests, being aware that I would hate you for that.
You are the best teacher. They taught me so much in all those books. But do I remember them unless you reiterate them for me? No. You have your own ways to teach, and the most effective ones. Sometimes hard, but you got be tough with stubborn kids, don’t you!
You bring along different people in the course. Some stay, some leave. Those who stay, make living beautiful. Those who leave, leave me wiser. And that’s what you are, you beauty!
Only if I could express all that I want to.
Dear Life, thank you,
For the friends who stood by me
For the foes who helped find me
For the victories that give me confidence
For the failures that make me strong
For the dream that keeps me going
For the uphill that test my strengths
For the stars that brighten my sky
For the sun that fills my days
For the smiles that make me smile
For the faith that gives me light
For the love that makes me lucky
For the defeats that give me experience
For the hatred that teaches me love
For the new day that gives me hope

You leave no choice for me, all I can do is love you, live you.

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