Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Small is beautiful.

Sometimes, the light of a sweet smile, can lighten the darkness that is pitch black.

A soothing touch on my shoulder fills me with the lost life and strength, when I am tired and dying.

Not pep talks and lectures, just a heartfelt "You can" can bring me back on my foot, when I am giving up.

Sometimes I just need that much, and I am fine.

Burdens seeming eternally painful, just evaporate by the warmth of a caring "Don't worry". 

When the cosmos seems conspiring against me, when I am struggling for a support in a whirlwind of worries, a genuine "I am there" calms down the storms inside, readying me to fight the ones outside.

Sometimes, in fact always, it is just small gestures of humanity, which can design the course of a journey…
The length of pauses, the amount of despair, the extent of disheartenment, the duration of distress, can be insignificant and momentary or can just throw you off the track of life.

It is an individual’s fight, of course. But the almighty has his ways to cheer his fighters in the arena.

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