Sunday, January 15, 2012

An experience beyond description...

“What a beautiful sunrise it is, isn’t it? As if the whole sky has become the canvass of an unseen artist and he is splashing all the colours of nature on it, one after another.”
“ yeah, it looks majestic! The clouds like snowflakes, soft and delicate, melting away at the slight touch of the soft sunrays...”
“ Just look at the sky for a few moments, you will see that its changing every second..yet it appears so still…just like the river…which is ever flowing, but yet looks motionless..”
” Exactly! It is amazing. Listen to the morning silence. It is so melodious. While watching the sun tear away the darkness and flooding the earth with light, is a treat to the eyes, hearing the music of nature is a treat to the ears... there cannot be anything more mellifluous than songs of nature.. ”
” And the whole experience is a treat to the soul, isn’t it?”
”You are so correct”.
” I love to watch sunrise. For me, the rising sun is a messenger of God, which wakes up the world with a greeting that, “Hey you people, the darlings of the Almighty, here it is day again! Get up and go out, the world is yours! Forget what happened yesterday, good or bad, it is a new day, a new beginning. Nothing stays forever. It was darkness till now, but see, its light all over! Fill up your pockets with light…and lighten up the your lives! Lighten up your hearts, lighten up a sad face.”
” That’s really beautiful. “

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