Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just three words...

I had read somewhere sometimes, where I dont remember, just three simple words..that sum up the philosophy of life. It dint make much sense to me then...but today it does.
It said, the greatest truth about life is : " It goes on".
So simple, yet so profound. So true. So right.
So many goods and bads happen in life. Memories you cherish, memories that haunt.
So many people come into your life, they become a part of your existence, your routine. Then you part. You make promises of being the same always, promises to stay in touch. But it does not always happen. For those who dont consider you really close, for them,once you are out of their sight, you are out of their mind. You keep expecting the same kind of reciprocation of feelings as before, and you keep hurting yourself.
Your very faith in relationships gets shaken. It feels as if life has come to a standstill.
But life goes on.
To be continued.... :)


  1. this is the real truth..life is not a script..everything doesn't happen according to our plan..

  2. Thats true...sometimes i wish it were a script..