Monday, March 23, 2009

..wish i could go back and never grow up again...

Sometimes..rather many times of late,i regret my growing was so nice to be ignorant of the fact that i am growing up.Life was as simple as linear equations.No complications.Get up.go to school with ur tiffin and up-to date notebooks.collect teachers' pats.make merry with friends.come home to be hugged by mommy.fresh hot lunch.afternoon nap.evening fun.homework done.TV.cartoon.dinner.hugs again by daddy and to bed.another day as same as the previous one but not a single moment of boredom or a feel of montony.These concepts dint exist at all then.did they? not for me.
Teachers'pats dnt exist even in dreams now.Getting a good meal once in a week is god's grace( i stay in a hostel so..).no routine.books with concepts that refuse to get into the head just irritate me.away from one there to entertain my mood swings.if feeling low...have to be extra careful.cant just blurt out...not like the good old days that if had a fight in the 1st period...friends again till the next isnt simple anymore!!
i wish i could go back to those days and never come back again.
though its nt possible...closing my eyes and imagining this cud happen is more than bliss...


  1. similar thoughts here as well... so.. i can understand!!!

  2. Sabka yahi haal hai....hehe..lolz

    neways on a serious note...U have beautifully re-laced the delight of being innocent kids...far away from the tumult of adulthood.
    mast hai....

  3. Chhutku what goes behind is your past.. when I was a child, I had a thought that the life of the grown up people is so cool... what they have to do in the whole day..they don't have to go to school every morning, not they have to do the voluminous home work.. are they evr punished by the teacher at the end of the row in the class.. oohh so tough job to be a kid then. we have to be a child what other can we do... i wished i just grow up in next morning then i will show the world who i am!

    every step of your life is equally important. now you are thinking that your childhood days were the best part because you have not realised what you are Now What you can do Now. Do something that you can say that your youth days are more sunny ever.. god Bless you